Our story

This house opened its doors for the first time in November 1960, by the hand of our parents Marcelino Morán and Carmen Arteaga. They, great admirers of the enormous figure of Miguel de Cervantes, look for a name for him in clear reference to this "prince of mills". It is not surprising then that the entire decoration revolves both around the figure of the famous Alcalaíno and the product of his fervent imagination.

In every corner we find reproductions, lithographs, trays, curious elements (stamps, vitolas, playing cards, ONCE coupons, matchboxes ...) and, of course, an extensive library with numerous editions of Don Quixote in different languages ​​and Dialects: from Bable to Vietnamese, from Quechua to Macarronic Latin, from Chinese to Mallorcan, or Indian, or Arabic, or Moldavian, or Bulgarian, or Japanese, or ...

Better not continue because thanks to our "friends-clients", it is always in constant expansion.

It is precisely "Don Quixote", capable of ignoring everything that comes his way, including his own father, who leads him to identify "El Ingenio" more with the brave knight than with Don Miguel. From here to identify with La Mancha and with La Mancha tradition there is only one step. But it was wrong after all.

Both Marcelino (Asturian) and Carmen (Madrilenian), sought the Spanish cuisine of a lifetime. This wise and humble cuisine that perfectly combines Andalusian and Catalan, Galician and Extremadura dishes, from Madrid and Valencia: in short, North and South, East and West, so that the Center is the diner who sits at one of our tables in looking for the flavors that, long ago, were found in the family food of their homes.

More than half a century later, the second generation that continues that initiative, tries not to distort the philosophy with which "El Ingenio" was opened: feed both body and spirit and, with the new times, continue to be a benchmark of the food of always, amid the whirlwind of foreign fashions that can make us forget our roots.

As a tribute (humble tribute) I put a point ... and followed as He did: OK