Choose 4 different (one serving of each for every 4 people)

Braised asparagus with Manchego cheese flakes and Maldon salt

Lambs lettuce with goat cheese, walnuts and tomato jam

Chicken salad with apple and cocktail sauce

Roast of peppers with buds and belly


Galician Lacon

Breadcrumbs from La Mancha

Cabrales cheese mousse beaten with cider

Shrimp Scampi

Garlic tomato from Criptana

Hot and spicy sauce

Black pudding Ferrero (unit)

With blood sausage from Burgos

Anchovies in vinegar

Russian salad

Tomato and tuna salad with Módena cream

Sautéed baby broad beans and ham


Individual election

Veal stew with apple sauce

Meat pork Extremadura style

With tomato sauce

Meatballs spanish style

Veal steak

Half roasted chicken

Beef hamburger (200gr) with mango reduction

Salmon Madrid style

Cod fish with tomato sauce and peppers

Grilled swordfish

Grilled seabass

Bream Bilbao style


Individual election

Crème brûlée

Rice pudding

Cheese cake


White chocolate mousse with dark chocolate chips

PVP: 27,50€

The menu includes a bread service per person, 3/4 of a liter of Rioja from the house and a liter of mineral water for every four people.